Why Floating Staircase is the latest trend?

If you’re trying to add a dash of modern style and elegance to your home, floating staircases could be the ideal choice. The sleek and minimalist styles have been gaining popularity in recent times and it’s easy to see the reasons. With their distinctive construction and appealing design floating staircases are rapidly becoming one of the most popular designs for homes. Here, we’ll look into everything you need to learn about these beautiful staircases, from their advantages and disadvantages to the ways you can integrate them into your home. Let’s get into the details!

What exactly is a floating stairs?

The floating stairs, often referred to as a cantilevered also known as suspended stairs, is kind of staircase with the appearance of being not supported. Contrary to traditional staircases that are supported by visible supports under every step and railing the floating stairs appear to hang in the air.

The reason for this illusion is hidden in the support system which is normally hidden in the floor or wall structure. The staircase’s treads are securely fixed to the walls using brackets made of steel or bolts that make it appear as though they’re in defiance of gravity.

Floating staircases can be found in different materials like glass, wood or even stone based on the style you prefer. They provide the airy, open look to any area while also providing uninterrupted views across floors.

The appeal of this style is in its clean lines and simplicity that create a clean and stunning element for any home.

How do they differ from the traditional staircases?

Floating staircases are an innovative version of the classic staircase design. In contrast to traditional staircases, floating stairs do not have risers, or any visible support beneath each step, which gives an elegant and minimalist appearance that can help any room look modern.

In contrast to traditional staircases that typically depend on load-bearing walls to support the structure floating staircases require specialized engineering to make sure they’re solid as well as safe for use. This is why it’s essential homeowners looking to install these kinds of stairs into their homes to consult with skilled professionals such as engineers or architects.

One of the main differences between traditional and floating stairs is how they’re constructed. Floating staircases require special hardware, such as bolts and steel plates that connect every step straight to the wall. The traditional staircase is built with brackets to the wall at regular intervals on the other side of the staircase.

In terms of function In terms of functionality, both kinds of stairs have the same purpose, moving you from one floor to the next. However because of the absence of support beneath every step, floating stairs might be less secure than their conventional counterparts for certain people.

Although there are certain distinctions between traditional and floating staircases, in terms of design and requirements for installation What is most important is finding the ideal kind of staircase that meets your requirements and matches the overall design of your interior.

The advantages of floating staircases

Floating staircases are becoming increasingly well-liked in modern homes thanks to their distinctive design and numerous advantages. One of the most significant benefits for floating staircases lies in the illusion that they create. Contrary to traditional staircases, which are often bulky and can take up lots of space, floating staircases appear light and spacious, which means they let more space into the floor.

Another advantage is their flexibility in design. Floating staircases are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, which allows homeowners to design the design to meet their requirements perfect. They also allow for creativity by incorporating lighting beneath each step, or by incorporating glass panels in the railing.
Cleaning is easier when using floating staircases because they don’t have treads or risers that could accumulate dust or other debris. Cleaning is less time-consuming since dirt is easily cleaned off the steps.

If you’re hoping to sell your house in the near future making a move to floating staircases like custom furniture could boost the value of your home by bringing the look of modernity and aesthetics to the overall appearance of your home.

There are many advantages of floating staircases to your home, and not just aesthetics. Therefore, why not think about this modern trend when you design your dream home?

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